Loss Control and Workplace Safety for the Cannabis Industry

Aspen has a go-to team of highly talented loss control and workplace safety professionals and it's why America’s premier insurance carriers, captives and brokers choose us.  With thirty-plus states allowing medicinal and/or recreational marijuana, focused efforts are needed to protect workers and companies.
Working with cultivators, harvesting operations, manufacturers, laboratories, transport operators, dispensaries, and retail storefronts, we provide safety and loss control services for carriers, brokers (and their clients), and direct to companies to improve their cannabis risk and safety programs.
We provide loss control surveys and services for our carriers and brokers; and offer an annual subscription service direct to companies (see below).  Individual services are also available.

Annual Plan:  For about the cost of a cup of coffee and bagel every two weeks/per employee, the annual service program combines onsite inspections, a review of written safety plans, and annual training.  That's right, for about $3.00 a week/per employee*, a written safety program, site safety inspections, and training is included.  (*cost based 20 employee minimum)
For example the annual plan includes:
  • Written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (CA) and Codes of Safe Practices (new plan or annual update)
  • Written Cannabis Loss Control and Safety Plan (new plan or annual update)
  • Online "Ask a Safety Coach" (valued at $1,200 year)
  • Industry-specific Webinars
  • Annual Safety Training (additional/optional training available)

Individual  Safety Solutions Include:
  • Safety training, either onsite or online via Webinar
  • Safety Coaching Center and workplace safety resources
  • Onsite and remote ergonomics
  • ERGOhealthy ergonomics resource center and Ask a ERGOhealthy Coach
  • Advanced safety training for managers and supervisors
  • Disaster and emergency plan development, implementation, and training
  • General safety and risk management support
  • Carrier, broker, and agent support services for their clients (see Who We Serve)

Led by the Aspen Loss Control Team, they have worked with a number of clients in cultivation/agriculture, laboratory, warehousing, packaging, manufacturing, transportation, and retail/dispensary, and medical clinics where they helped manage safety compliance and workplace safety best practices.
They have helped formulate safety plans in accordance with both national and international standards as well as State and Federal OSHA requirements.  As Competent Loss Control Professionals in the Cannabis Industry, they are knowledgeable in loss control practices from seed to end use.
Webinars - 2018 to 2019

How to to Comply with Cal OSHA in the Cannabis Industry

December 11, 2018, 10AM to 11AM:
Join us for our OSHA Update Webinar to help meet the cannabis business challenges in safety and OSHA for 2019.

Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs for Cannabis-Related Operations

February 13, 2019, 10AM to 11AM:
Getting ahead of workers' compensation costs for cannabis-related businesses is absolutely critical for long-term success. With the advent of an emerging industry brings new workers and hazards. Join us for this timely Webinar to take control of workers' compensation... now, and in the future!

Recorded Webinars

Creating a Written Workplace Safety Program for the Cannabis Industry 

Whether you're looking to start from scratch or upgrade your current safety program, this Webinar will provide you the tools and skills to help build a safety program for the cannabis industry.