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Workplace Safety:  A Guide for Small and Midsized Companies
By Dan Hopwood and Steve Thompson                                                  

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ISBN: 0-7821-3604-4
Hardcover, 242 pgs (Wiley)

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Reviews and Testimonials...    "This is the best 35 bucks you’ll likely spend regarding your business’s health and well-being, as it guides the reader into creating a program tailored to suit their own situation, not relying on someone else’s “one size fits all” generic program." (Worksafely.com; 8/2007)  See below for more...  

Book Description...  Workplace Safety: A Guide for Small and Mid-Sized Companies, uses a straight-forward approach to creating the basic elements of a successful safety program. This book will provide updated information and real world examples illustrating how to prevent as well as confront the common health and safety issues that arise in the workplace. It includes information on core OSHA regulatory requirements, safety needs assessment, workers' compensation and insurance, disaster and emergency planning, ergonomics, risk management and loss prevention, injury management, incident investigation, workplace security, best practices, and workplace safety culture formation. 


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“5 out of 5 stars!  Helpful guidance on keeping your workplace safe
Many workplaces seem quite safe. There are no open mine-shafts to fall into, no baths of sulfuric acid to spill, no explosives lying about ready to be ignited. And yet, according to professional safety consultants Dan Hopwood and Steve Thompson, every workplace needs a detailed, current and well-documented program to protect the health and safety of employees. While the hazards have changed, the risk of injury remains. Rather than spiraling down a mine-shaft, a worker might get a repetitive stress injury. Rather than spilling acid in the doughnuts, a worker might pull a muscle lifting a heavy box. Rather than dropping a cigarette onto some dynamite, a worker might inhale an irritant that causes a chronic lung condition. In each case, the results can include missed work, disrupted lives, insurance claims that increase your premiums and fines for regulatory violations. This brief book will help you avoid all that, whether you are just starting your safety program or re-engineering it. Many checklists and useful appendices nicely complement the text. We feel safe recommending this sensible guide.

Rolf Dobelli "getabstract.com"


“Co-authors Dan Hopwood and Steve Thompson guide you through the maze of workplace safety with their new book, Workplace Safety: A Guide For Small and Midsized Companies.
This is the best 35 bucks you’ll likely spend regarding your business’s health and well-being, as it guides the reader into creating a program tailored to suit their own situation, not relying on someone else’s “one size fits all” generic program.

This is more than a how-to or a reference manual. It helps you understand the entire process from planning to investigating to identifying hazards. This book is written in clear simple language with understandable examples that set the table for real-world problem solving and safety management

Rick Faulkner - WorkSafely.com


“This is a useful book and I can highly recommend it…"

Roger Briggs, CIH, MPH (for American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists)

“Finally . . . a user friendly, efficient, and effective risk management and loss control tool for everyday business. Workplace Safety will actually save lives, prevent injuries, and help every reader to avoid the financial hardship and administrative nightmare associated with any injury. Thank you Steve and Dan for bringing safety out of the classroom and putting it on the front line where it belongs.”

Scott M. Primiano – Founder of Polestar Performance Programs, Inc. and author of “Hard Market Selling – Thriving in the New Insurance Era”

“This book is a “must have” for those looking for a comprehensive but easy to follow resource around which to build an effective workplace safety program. It provides the perfect mix of well-thought-out strategy and practical tools to address illness and injury in the workplace. Being "too small" is no longer a viable excuse for not getting started.”

Richard A. Coskren, CPCU, Principal, Windsong Consulting Services

“This is an action-oriented guidebook for small and midsized companies. The field of safety management has long-awaited such a comprehensive look at the dimensions of responsibility in building safe cultures.” 

Patricia Senecal, M.A., Consultant in Organizational Behavior, Co-Author, Safety Committees That Work: The essential guide for managers and employees.

“This book is a perfect guide for any organization, from those drafting their first formal safety plan to those looking to fine tune an existing program. Thompson and Hopwood go beyond the discussion of regulatory compliance and focus on proven strategies that help businesses lower overhead costs by preventing injuries and illnesses. This book is essential for any small or midsized company looking to maintain its competitive edge.”

Eric R. Dill, Director of Risk Management, San Dieguito Union High School District

“This book is a terrific introduction and hands-on guide to implementing effective employee safety programs for owners, managers and technical professionals who do not have a safety background. Workplace Safety clearly lays out the logic and key elements used by safety and loss control professionals to structure management policies and employee involvement programs for safety unique to the nature of the organization. It updates traditional safety ideas into a strategic context that emphasizes the importance of integrating safety into the management's fundamental goals and objectives.”

Kate Storms, CSP, Loss Control Manager
American All Risk Insurance Services, San Francisco

“Job safety is the lifeblood and paramount goal of our Members. With the techniques and philosophy described by Steve and Dan, ConAPA has attained lower insurance premiums and safer workplaces, which compels small business owners to instill a safe work environment.” 

Gene J. Magre', President, ConAPA, Inc.

“If the owners of small and midsized companies read this book, it will totally change the way they look at workplace safety. It will transform their thinking about workplace safety from "something you have to do for OSHA or the insurance company" to thinking of workplace safety as something that will make the company more efficient and more profitable. When business owners view workplace safety in this light, it allows them to manage their workers' compensation program as they would any other aspect of their business.”

Mike Murrah, BCG Insurance Services, 

“I have worked with both Steve Thompson and Dan Hopwood since 1991 and have found the two of them to be the best safety professionals in the business. Their knowledge of workplace safety issues and professionalism is of the highest caliber. I highly endorse their book and their principles.”

Robert Stricker, Employment Law, Law Offices of Stricker & Ball

“Steve and Dan's professional expertise comes through loud and clear. As I learned from them several years ago, good safety programs are always internally driven. Insurance brokers, agents and safety professionals can provide knowledge about ways to protect your workforce, but they can't instill a culture of safety.” 

Bill Litjen, President, G.S. Levine Insurance Services

“Being in the health care field I have found that chronic pain issues are often associated with the workplace. It is imperative for companies to take the appropriate measures to help mitigate the potential risks. Steve and Dan have done a great job in showing them the way.”

Aaron Brooks, President, Perfect Postures, Inc.

“Health and safety on the job should be a priority for every company, not just those with multi-million dollar budgets. Steve and Dan make this information accessible to every business large and small. They take it a step further to help the reader see that workplace safety is a "people" issue and not a ‘numbers’ issue. As an owner of a small business, I found this book clear, concise and user friendly.”

Anthony B. Carey M.A., CSCS, CES, CEO Function First
[Author of The Pain-Free Program: A Proven Method to Relieve Back, Neck, Shoulder and Joint Pain.]

“Workplace Safety” is an excellent resource. This book should be read by all business owners who genuinely want to take care of their employees, control injuries and manage their workers’ compensation costs.”

Chris Liechty, CSP, ARM, Safety Consultant

“This book offers a simple approach to the development of a health and safety program. It is easy to follow and the content is valuable for both the inexperienced and seasoned professional. It is a good resource to add to your safety library.”

Michelle Eisenberg MPH PT
President, Ergonomic Evaluation & Training