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February 1, 2022
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
July 14, 2022

Got Nature

If there was one simple thing that you could do to improve your outlook for the year, would you do it?  As it turns out, there is.  Buy a small plant for your office.

Yes, it’s that simple.  Nature can have a positive impact on your overall well-being.  Recent studies suggest that exposure to nature can help the mind restore and replenish itself, which might explain why it has also been shown to improve focus, increase creativity, and reduce stress.  

As an added benefit, many indoor plants also help improve air quality. Studies have also found that plants can help increase productivity in an office by as much as 15%.  A study in Japan from 2019 showed that tending for a plant for a few minutes can help decrease levels of anxiety and stress.  Other research shows an increase in creativity and improved memory and mood in offices with plants and flowers. 

Don’t let fear of killing the plant hold you back; these studies also found that a dead plant didn’t affect overall well-being.  If this one little change can help you be more productive, less stressed, have lower anxiety, focus better, and be more creative, what’s holding you back?

In case you are feeling inspired, here are a few examples of plants that are easy to care for and do well with indirect sunlight.

  • Dracaena or Lucky Bamboo – This plant generally does well in low light, although some species may require more light.
  • Spider plant – This plant does best in bright, indirect light.
  • Snake plant – This plant does well in low light but will grow more quickly with more light.
  • Peace lily – This plant will do best in bright, indirect light, although it will tolerate low indirect light.

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