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Preventing Sexual Harassment (2 Hour)

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Title: Preventing Sexual Harassment - English
Date/Time: June 21, 2022 / 10:00AM - 12:00PM PST
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Webinar Materials

It is required under California Labor Code that an employer using a Webinar for its managers and supervisors must document and demonstrate that each person who was not physically present in the same room as the trainer nonetheless attended the entire training and actively participated with the trainers interactive content, discussion, hypothetical scenarios, quizzes or tests, and activities (see California training regulations below for more info).

In order to comply with the regulations we suggest everyone attend the Webinar together at the same time, in the same room, where possible. You will want to have your company HR person or other facilitator present in the room for the entire time.  Remember, based on the regulations,  the burden is on  you, the employer to document that your managers and supervisors attended the Webinar.

To prepare for the Webinar, please do the following:

1. Distribute your Company’s Sexual Harassment Policy to all participants and along with a form acknowledging their understanding of it.  If you don’t have a Company policy, you can customize one of the two template policies available for download.

2. Have participants sign the Sexual Harassment Policy acknowledgement form and retain the form in participants’ personnel file.

3. Distribute a copy of the “CA Sexual Harassment Is Against the Law” pamphlet to all participants (click here for English PDF) (click here for Spanish PDF).  This is a legal mandate.

4. Please download, print, and distribute the following additional materials before the Webinar (NOTE - Download of certain items may not be compatible with browsers other than Internet Explorer):

a. Workshop Handout/PowerPoint Presentation Handout (English PDF)

b. Employee Acknowledgement Form

c. Investigation Checklist

d. Employee Complaint Form

e. Certificate of Completion

f. Certificate of Completion EXAMPLE - ENGLISH

g. Sign-in Sheet

5. Come prepared to ask any questions during the interactive Webinar (it can't be interactive if there aren't any questions!). You can email them to us in advance at:

6. Spend some time after the Webinar to find out if there are any questions that apply to your company specifically. Such as: Who do I complain to if I have a problem? Anything you don't understand? And so on. Remember, attendees can always send us a direct email to: for up to 48 hrs after the class.

7. Document the attendance of those who spent at least two hours on the training. No specific format is required. A simple spread sheet should do. Store the document in a secure place and have a backup copy.

Additional Downloads

h. Sample Policy #1

i. Sample Policy #2

j. Sample Complaint Form

k. California training regulations for Webinars:

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