Who We Are

Since 2005, we’ve helped over 9,500 companies and over a million people work safer. Our insurance clients include carriers, brokers & agents, captives, program administrators, and managing general agents.  We also work directly with small to large businesses, non-profits, and government/municipalities.  Preventing injuries and losses requires more than just doing an “inspection…” it’s about relationships and understanding you, our clients… it’s about listening… and most importantly, it’s about a team of professionals who are dedicated to saving lives, preventing injuries and losses, and making a difference for their clients.
In 2020 we became a TRISTAR Company (www.tristarrisk.com), the largest privately owned, independent third-party claims administrator in the US. The acquisition gives Aspen unprecedented access to a network of clients and opportunities throughout the US. For our existing clients and to the world we remain Aspen Risk Management Group, but we add the strength and backing of TRISTAR.

The Aspen Team

We are a team of outstanding workplace safety, loss control, and ergonomic specialists with high-level safety and customer service skills!
Our safety and loss control team has a variety of unique backgrounds, interests, and perspectives. They have been carefully assembled based on their EXCEPTIONAL technical and service skills, and their patience, passion, compassion, and love (yes love) for protecting people and helping clients. All members of the safety team must have:
  • Broad level of safety experience
  • An extensive history of successfully coaching, training, and mentoring safety and loss control
    …and they must be:
  • Personally successful and deeply committed to enriching the lives of every person and company they work with
  • Unconditionally responsible for the success of every client.

Why Choose Us

People choose Aspen because we deliver. Throughout our years in the industry, our clients uniformly herald our quality, passion, accountability, and our ability to deliver sustained and measurable results. Our model and methods are proven and effective, have thrived in small, medium, and large organizations, and represent an industry standard of integrity, quality, and expertise.

On Time Services Delivery

We keep our commitments!  During a recent two-year period we received 1,300 assignments from one of our Clients.  Guess how many we were late on?  That's right... zero!  We can't claim to have the best on time rate in the industry, but we believe that 100% has to rank very high!


Client Satisfaction

I wish Aspen had Loss Control Representatives everywhere in the country,” as shared by one of our largest Clients four years ago.  Since that time we've grown to do work throughout the country and it it's all because our incredible Clients put their trust in us!