The ergonomic landscape is ever-fluctuating–

– and now includes the use of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other devices. Working from home or remotely, social media, and sedentary lifestyles all create new ergonomic challenges and the need to find innovative ways to prevent musculoskeletal injuries from strains and sprains, while implementing long-term solutions. We continuously work to identify risk and reduction opportunities using a combination of technology and human insight.
Remote Ergonomic Assessments
ERGOhealthy (Aspen’s sister company) conducts office ergonomic assessments and solves ergonomic problems online through its team of ERGOhealthy Coaches. We work with people in traditional business, telecommuting, remote office, school, and home office environments.
Once someone begins the ergonomic assessment process, individuals are assigned a personal ergonomics coach who works closely with them to ensure their success and a positive outcome.
ERGOhealthy Coaches interact during, and after the online ergonomics assessment to help create a customized ergonomics approach that promotes safe computing and prevents ergonomic injury and illness.
Prior to being assigned to an ERGOhealthy Coach, employees sign on to a secure login to complete the Ergonomics Self Assessment. Once completed, the Assessment is securely sent to an ERGOhealthy Coach who contacts individuals to set up a time to review in more detail and to discuss any recommendations. See to learn more.
We perform 97% of our office ergonomic evaluations remotely with a 95% success rate.  Not every evaluation can be performed remotely (hence the 95% success rate).

ERGOhealthy's Outcomes

97% performed remotely
95% success rate

ERGOhealthy Online Resource Center

The ERGOhealthy Ergonomics Resource Center is designed to serve as an online tool to enhance ergonomics, musculoskeletal injury management, and wellness programs. It includes the opportunity for employees to connect directly with an ERGOhealthy Coach. Designed mainly for administrative and professional staff who use computers (and other electronic devices) and sit for significant periods of the day, the ERGOhealthy Resource Center provides:
  • Access for all employees
  • Resources, including current and effective stretching and exercises, proper desk set up, and other ergonomic literature
  • Ask an ERGOhealthy Coach. The availability to email a Senior ERGOhealthy Coach with questions about ergonomics.

Training and coaching via online or onsite

Training and coaching delivered by the ERGOhealthy Coaching Team to include:
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • ERGO First Responder
  • Front-line employee ergonomic workshops
 Ergonomic Webinars
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