Safety for Education Providers (Daycare Operators, Head Start, K-12, College, and Child & Youth Service)

Our Safe People – Safe Places model, integrated with child and youth safety practices helps to achieve regulatory and best practice success while implementing loss reduction techniques.  We offer both annual service plans and individual services.
Annual Plan:  For Head Start, Daycare, and similar operations we offer annual service plans which may include onsite inspections, review of written safety plans, and annual training.  Plan may include:
  • Written Injury and Illness Prevention (or similar depending on the State) Plan and Codes of Safe Practices (new plan or annual update)
  • Written Playground Safety Plan (new plan or annual update)
  • Online "Ask a Safety Coach"
  • Onsite safety walk-through
  • Industry-specific Webinars
  • Annual Safety Training (additional/optional training available)


Individual  Safety Solutions Include:
  • Safety training (onsite, or online via Webinar)
  • Safety Coaching Center and workplace safety resources
  • Onsite and remote ergonomics
  • ERGOhealthy ergonomics resource center and Ask a ERGOhealthy Coach
  • Advanced safety training for managers and supervisors including educators
  • Disaster and emergency plan development, implementation, and training
  • Playground safety inspections and plan development
  • General safety and risk management support
  • Carrier, broker, and agent support services for their clients (see Who We Serve)




Led by our experienced school workplace safety leaders, our team has 20++ year, real-world working experience handling employee safety, child and youth safety, fleet, facilities, and all aspects of risk and safety in the K-12, non-profit, school, college, and youth services environment.
Past and Current Projects
20 K-12 School Districts: 
Unloading and Loading of Special Needs (wheelchair) Individuals for School Bus Staff
High School District: 
Online ergonomics center and remote ergo assessments
Community College District (5000 EE)
Training – Active shooter/Situational awareness; Online ergonomics center
Cal Western School of Law
Safety program development, onsite inspections, business continuity planning and drills
Child Development Centers (150 locations)
Childcare centers serving over 20,000 children (ages 3-5).  Emergency Action Planning & Business Continuity Planning
Educational Employers Workers Compensation Trust (OEEWCT)
Workplace Safety Audits to include management surveys and onsite inspections
Polytechnic School
K-12 college prep school.  Training – Preventing Harassment/Bullying
Comm. College District (10,000+ EE)
Onsite safety inspections with WC and GL focus
Hebrew Day School
Develop emergency action plan to include active shooter, shelter in place, fire, & bomb threat
ErgoHealthy W Trans